First released to Mongolian basket-weaving fans in 2012, ChromeStrike is a rules-light* sci-fi RPG designed to cater to the niche of fast and deadly mecha combat. The central focus of the system is upon these mechs- 5-meter tall urban machines, although there is a healthy emphasis on mixed-vehicle fighting. Mechs fight alongside tanks and helicopters, APCs, heavy powered armor, and even aircraft. As you might expect, players can use any and all of these vehicles with proper training, but again, it’s not as much of a focus.

The setting is a thinly veiled nod to Armored Core and Chromehounds, and is set in the early 22nd century. International laws and treaties have broken down, with international peacekeeping organizations being abandoned entirely. With the breakdown in relations, many larger nations have absorbed smaller adjacent ones. The original mech companies, called Primes, have become rich and often independent from their patron states. It is within all this war and death that the mech jockeys, or mercenaries, have found their calling. Fairly run of the mill and basic. Others have come up with their own settings that I genuinely find more fascinating and amusing.

The system is D6 (occasionally D3). Most rolls for attacks and skills are roll above- these most frequently are compared to an enemy’s defense rating or stat. The simple combat is one of the chunks I am most proud of, although it does require frequent basic math and some memorization of various modifiers. Once initiative is out of the way, all that must be calculated are removed parts, decreasing attributes, and wound values. Large battles can be run without much trouble.

While I am preoccupied with full-time work, ChromeStrike is my favorite homebrew I’ve made, and I do intend on adapting it into a computer game and/or finishing the rulebook eventually.

Rulebook and Links

Main Rulebook (v0.9.93 – 7/8/2024)

Development Blog

1d4chan page

History of conversation on said Mongolian basket-weaving forum, should you wish to reminisce about better times and get drunk and cry

Recent Changes

  • Added ‘Reload’ maneuver to the game in both the quick start and game rules sections
  • Ammo Pouches now instead grant a Magazine, which restores 100% of base shots to a ballistic or explosive weapon, and cost only 1CR each (down from 2CR)
  • Kneel/Unkneel/Take Cover now requires Biped, Quad, or Hexapod legs
  • Reduced the number of shots for Shredders to 8 and Assault Shotguns to 12 (down from 10 and 16)
  • Storage Tank has been reworked- costs 2 CR (down from 3CR) and now grants +2 Magazines OR increases the shots of a turret-arm weapon by 100%
  • Wheeled mobility units now have -2 SPD in Difficult Terrain in addition to the restriction on Kneel/Take Cover manuevers
  • The NRB-01 now costs 1CR more and has an Ammo Pouch for its Rocket Launcher
  • The CO-03 ‘Rocket Cutter’ now costs 1CR more and has an Ammo Pouch for its Grenade Launcher
  • The AL-03 ‘Tha’ir’ now costs 1CR more and has an Ammo Pouch for any one of its million weapons
  • Fixed some minor formating issues on the Battlesuit entry
  • Added Power Armor Operation and Battlesuit Operation skills to useful skills
  • Increased the cost of Light and Recon Power Armor equipment, and all light power armor now has additional upgrade and defect options
  • Added an entirely new chapter on Power Armor after mechs, sporting additional fluff on power armor usage, fitting, donning, variants, etc.
  • Added CT Corporate Security Armor for light power armor
  • Added Gutter Power Armor, CT Heavy Power Armor, CT Vanguard Armor, NRB Heavy Power Armor, NRB Zakladka Armor, EG Heavy Power Armor, and EG Infiltrator Armor for heavy power armor variants
  • Added the Power-Loader, CO Tetsujin, NRB-01b, NRB-02b, and EG-01b battlesuits
  • Grenade Launchers (Smoke) are now explicitly allowed to be fired at the user’s feet to automatically hit
  • Updated the generic Mobile Infantry and Stealth Power Armor entries in the appendix to use the new Heavy Power Armor statblocks
  • The generic Battlesuit likewise references the section in the new Power Armor chapter for expanded rules and alternate models
  • Fixed the ‘body’ attribute bonus in Turnout Protection, renaming that bonus to Power instead, as was intended
  • Added Smart Grenade Launchers to the character armory
  • Battlesuits are now allowed to take torso/chassis upgrades instead of being limited to all the other parts
  • Added Expanded Cockpit to mech upgrades
  • REA upgrade renamed to ERA. Oops.

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