Pen and Paper

The seeds and idea of what roleplaying games are were placed into my mind at the very young age of like six years old.  It’s around then my dad ran me and my brother through what could be considered very small decision making scenarios in a fictional setting.  I’m sure the intent was mostly to gauge how well we could make decisions and interpret what he was proposing.

Some years later I learned about BESM!, the roleplaying game, from my brother.  We built a pretty ramshackle superhero game based off of those rules.  That we played for years and years and years.

Over the years I have made a bunch of homebrew RPG’s and wargames.  The vast majority of them aren’t any good, and I won’t be listing or uploading them onto this website.  The ones that I am relatively proud of, and intend on continuing to develop, will be listed here

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