Originally envisioned as a humorous editable image, an internet goer named Gats eventually expanded Towergirls into a choose-your-own-adventure image series. It’s been relatively popular on some forums and Mongolian image-boards, fans expanding it into numerous pen-and-paper games, board games, models, and additional charts. Towergirls: the Game is my own most recent computer game, meant to let people immerse themselves in the setting. A collaborate effort of some very neat artists, writers, and others, it has been making progress since March 2016.

You, the player, take on the role of Ser or Lady Knight, and go on a quest to rescue the land of Corona from the depredations of the Dragon Queen and her daughters! Dungeons and towerls full of their vile minions must be cleared, and the princesses of various kingdoms saved. Once princesses are rescued you may return them to their kingdom for diplomatic benefits, befriend, and even romance them. Alliances can be established in this fashion to unite kingdoms, forming an alliance to protect Corona against numerous threats.

While still in progress, the game boasts many of the typical RPG features (combat, leveling up, talent building, equipment, shops, etc.) and much more besides. The kingdom management section is not quite completed yet, but will include policy decisions, building construction, army battles, and computer factions with diplomacy.

Here’s some screenshots.

Additional information about the game can be found on Patreon. That also happens to be where development can be supported. Otherwise here are all of the relevant links for our game-

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